Marking of customized company logos on uneven surfaces

As different as the products or services of companies worldwide are, each company uses a logo for unambiguous recognition. No matter whether it is a medium-sized company or a large corporation - the logo is of enormous importance for every company. An attractive logo remains in the memory and links expectations and experiences with the company. As an important part of the corporate identity, there is hardly a better marketing tool than a logo with recognition value. For this reason, the company logo may not be missing on any product, business card, website or brochure.

Even in the metalworking industry, products are often provided with company logos. MARKATOR offers the possibility to create and mark individual customer logos. With the help of a specially developed logo software, customer logos can be created very precisely and suitably for the respective marking system. The logo dimensions and the technical requirements for the marking play a major role here. One difficulty is often that the logo must be marked on uneven surfaces. Classic punches come to their limits here. The typeface is often blurred and does not bring the desired marking quality.

MARKATOR offers the perfect solution for these requirements with its marking systems. Depending on customer requirements, logos can be marked with the battery operated handheld marking system FlyMarker mini, scratch and dot peen marking systems or benchtop marking systems such as the MV5 T0 ZE 301XL. The specially developed marking needles from MARKATOR also mark uneven components with consistently high quality. Unevenness on the component is compensated by the automatic height tolerance compensation. This function ensures a consistently good marking result. Depending on the version of the marking system, the marking is done by a hard metal needle brought to oscillate by compressed air or by scratching with a diamond needle. Due to the stable mechanics of the marking systems, the marking image is very precise and achieves marking depths that make markings readable even after years of intensive use.